Title Company Ordering System

Yes, now your company may offer a professional online ordering system fr title searches. All for an unbelievable low price of $49.95 per month plus $300 setup! 


  • Individual logins for each person 

  • Everyone at a branch may see all other branch orders 

  • Admin for a company may see orders at all branches 

  • Two people may receive update notifications on an order 

  • Robust reporting on all orders 

  • Orders may be archived at any point 

  • Ability to change the default fax number for any order 

  • Unlimited comments & status updates per order 

  • Easily add new branches and users 

  • Enable or disable any account, branch, or companyWord or PDF documents may be uploaded and attached to orders 

  • Track invoice numbers and if they have been paid 



Administrator Menu:  

You and your agents will have many more choices then clients for viewing and adding information to orders.  
title search admin menu 

Place an Order for a Client:  

Once logged in, you may place an order for a client. In the drop-down box will be all of your clients. Simply select the client you would like to place the order for from the list and place the order.  

title search order form 

Full Order Form:  

(note - this is a sample of the full order form seen by the client - notice the company name is filled in and there is an option to select a processor) 
When an order is placed, the client is emailed a confirmation that the order has been placed.  

complete title search order form 

View an Order: 

Both you and your clients may view an order that has been placed.  

sample title search order form 



Order Status 
At any point, you may change the status of an order. When the status of an order is changed, the client is emailed about the status change. Notice that you may make comments concerning why the status is changing.  

Upload Reports 
When you have the information compiled for your client, you may upload the file to the associated order. The file must be an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) document. When you upload a file, the client is automatically notified that a report has been uploaded for that order.  

title list order menu options 

Set Archived Status: 
To make it easier for both you and your clients to sift through all of the orders, you may manually archive orders. Archived orders no longer show up for the client. They only show up for your staff in the Archived area. If a client needs an older order, you may unarchive an order.  


Future enhancements will be implemented 
at no additional cost to clients.  

If you wish to learn more about this service, get started today, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.  

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After years of dealing with a slow, unresponsive tech group that did the bare minimum to get us by, we took the advice of a friend and gave Tech The Right Way a try. You guys were thorough and proactive from the start and haven't let us down yet! Thank you for the last 3 years,


Sugarland Investment Agent

We have enjoyed working with Tech The Right Way for the last 7 years. Blaze is great with our staff and it is nice that you always explain what needs to be done, what you did, and what to expect....all in real human language we can understand.


Houston Business Owner

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