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Tech The Right Way has teamed up with several vendors to offer you the best solution for your environment. We work with network appliances that provide Internet Sharing, FireWall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities in one single device. These devices may also allow a remote user who is working at home or on the road to securely connect to the corporate LAN over the Internet. Branch offices may also securely connect to their headquarters LAN using thea LAN-to-LAN setup. Some of the features of various products are: 

  • Launch an application that accesses and updates the corporate internal database 

  • Access files and other resources from within the internal corporate office network 

  • Operate Windows Network Neighborhood and perform drag-n-drop functions for manipulating files and folders 

  • Send documents to the network printer in the office for printing 

  • Plug-and-play Internet sharing solution for your business. LAN users can connect to the same shared Internet connection versus using individual dial-ups. The internal PC's accessing the Internet need no configuration for sharing the connection. 

Our favorite network appliance is the RideWay Station. It now comes in 3 different versions: 

  • RideWay Station SOHO enables up to 20 PC's on a single LAN to share the same Internet connection and IP address. It also provides up to 5 simultaneous VPN Tunnels for remote access (upgradeable to 32 VPN Tunnels). 

  • RideWay Station SME enables unlimited PC's on a single LAN to share the same Internet connection and IP address. It also provides up to 32 VPN Tunnels for remote access (upgradeable to 64 VPN Tunnels). 

  • RideWay Station Enterprise enables unlimited PC's on a single LAN to share the same Internet connection and IP address. It also provides up to 200 VPN Tunnels for remote access. 

RideWay Station's ease of use will increase the efficiency of your staff and enable your organization to maximize the use of your Internet connection without compromising cost and security. 

RideWay Station Features: 

  • Microsoft VPN Channel (supporting both PC-to-LAN as well as LAN-to-LAN  

  • Does not include any hard disk or other moving parts which can compromise security (SOHO & SME)  

  • Linux-based operating system runs in flash memory for enhanced security  

  • 5 to 200 simultaneous VPN tunnels  

  • LAN-to-LAN VPN connections  

  • No client software required for remote users  

  • PC's or MAC's (Mac Tunnel Builder VPN Software,128 bit - $199.00 extra) can access your LAN from anywhere with Internet access 

  • Manages all remote site VPNs from headquarter location 

  • Supports computer machine name resolution for remote Microsoft network 

  • Compatible with Microsoft RRAS PPTP server 

  • VPN with auto link setup, no manual connect process required 

  • Monitors on-going VPN sessions 

  • Allows IPSec to pass though (SME & Enterprise only) 

  • Network Address Translation (NAT) 

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols (DHCP) 

  • Built-in Domain Name Service (DNS) 

  • Supports PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) 

  • Supports all three classes (A, B, C) of private IP ranges 

  • Turns DHCP server on and off to fit network needs 

  • Allows the internal web server, email server, and ftp server to be publicly assessed from the Internet 

  • FireWall with default blocking, filtering, and re-direction capabilities protects the LAN from any access originated from external networks 

  • Protects against "Denial of Service (DoS) attacks such as 'Ping of Death, IP Spoffing, etc. 

  • Web-based configuration interface 

  • Supports any broadband connection (via RJ-45 adapter, e.g. ISDN, DSL, Cable Modem, T-1) and dial-up connection (via external modem)  

  • Supports Dial-up 

  • Supports dial-on-demand and auto-disconnect when using an external modem 

After years of dealing with a slow, unresponsive tech group that did the bare minimum to get us by, we took the advice of a friend and gave Tech The Right Way a try. You guys were thorough and proactive from the start and haven't let us down yet! Thank you for the last 3 years,


Sugarland Investment Agent

We have enjoyed working with Tech The Right Way for the last 7 years. Blaze is great with our staff and it is nice that you always explain what needs to be done, what you did, and what to expect....all in real human language we can understand.


Houston Business Owner

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