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Unlike many computer consulting companies, we choose to post our pricing for the public to view. Our goal is to provide quality services for a fair price. Our consultants are always available to provide a free consultation to determine a final projected price for any project you may have.  

Fee Schedule

PC Troubleshooting and Software Installation 
$120 for first hour 
$50 for each half hour after the first hour  

Maintenance Service 
$50 per month per computer 
Service includes Performance Tuning, Browser Clean-up, and Security Patch Installations 

*Discount Rates: Subscribe to our monthly maintenance service and receive 20% off any other services you choose. We suggest subscribing to our monthly maintenance and backup services. These services will ensure your computer is always operating at its best and that your precious data is recoverable.  

Networking Services 
$120 per hour 
If you have high-speed Internet and more than one computer, you'll want to take advantage of networking your computers to share Internet, files, and printers. You all can be on the Internet at the same time in less than one hour!  

$120 per hour 
Group rates available 
We offer private one-on-one training on site, on your computer. We can teach you just about anything you want to learn related to computers. Rent a Guru for an hour! 

Additional Fees 
$25 travel fee per half hour traveled  

After years of dealing with a slow, unresponsive tech group that did the bare minimum to get us by, we took the advice of a friend and gave Tech The Right Way a try. You guys were thorough and proactive from the start and haven't let us down yet! Thank you for the last 3 years,


Sugarland Investment Agent

We have enjoyed working with Tech The Right Way for the last 7 years. Blaze is great with our staff and it is nice that you always explain what needs to be done, what you did, and what to expect....all in real human language we can understand.


Houston Business Owner

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