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WARNING: The Cloud Can Be More Problem Than Solution

The cloud is merely a resource. It is but one resource among many resources, one solution among many solutions. It is a tool–it can be a useful tool, but it can never be more than a tool. Just as one does not use a screwdriver to pound a nail, or a chisel to tighten a screw, neither should one use the cloud where a server is the better tool.

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The Action Plan: Project Management Made Simple

“Luck is what happens when Preparation Meets Opportunity”Seneca There is rarely a year where at least one study is not published bemoaning the high levels of project failure within the profession of Information Technology. In 2009, a study by IAG Consulting found that 68% of IT projects were unlikely to succeed, and when they did succeed it […]

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Successful Engineering Is Always By Design

Success, be it in technology or any other human endeavor, never happens spontaneously. It is the result, not merely of effort, but also of deliberation, of thought–i.e., of design. Success is never an accident–the better the design the greater the success, and, similarly, the weaker design the less likelihood there is for success. Giving thought […]

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