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Simple Call and Solve Approach

Secure Computer Networks Proactive and Call-and-Solve Approach

The reality is that when set up properly, fewer technology issues occur. Secure Computer Networks takes a proactive approach to ensuring your environment is documented and running as efficiently as possible. 

We make it simple for your staff to call and get support when they need it. Technicians are available remotely and on-site. We try and take care of as many issues as possible remotely to reduce your costs and get your office back up and running quickly. 


We run all kinds of cable - Phone, Data, Fax, TV, Satellite, Fiber. We also manage routers, VPNs, firewalls, office and guest traffic segmentation and more!   WEBSITES / MARKETING 

We provide solid web hosting, design, and search engine marketing services. The best plan for small business is our $35/month program where we build & maintain your site.   BACKUP SERVICES 

Your business runs on information. Let us help protect your data with simple and affordable solutions for small businesses. We also offer remote backup solutions.   CONSULTING 

Professional and friendly technicians are available 24/7 to help you and your staff with any issue that may arise. All techs have years of experience in business environments. 

Apartment Operators

For apartment operators, Secure Computer Networks reduces IT costs, increases staff productivity by ensuring all equipment is functional and running at peak performance, and decreases management stress by offering a simple call-and-solve remote support system for staff members. 

Management Company

For management companies, we propose office-centric technology to connect remote offices when needed, provide one single point contact for all technology questions / needs, and reduce stress while improving returns significantly. 

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After years of dealing with a slow, unresponsive tech group that did the bare minimum to get us by, we took the advice of a friend and gave Tech The Right Way a try. You guys were thorough and proactive from the start and haven't let us down yet! Thank you for the last 3 years,


Sugarland Investment Agent

We have enjoyed working with Tech The Right Way for the last 7 years. Blaze is great with our staff and it is nice that you always explain what needs to be done, what you did, and what to expect....all in real human language we can understand.


Houston Business Owner

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